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Eclectus Roratus

Companions Unite to Share, Learn and Express

Eclectus Companions Unite to Share Advice,
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Eclectus Companions Unite to Share, Support and Learn

Greetings Fellow Lovers and Companions of the Eclectus Parrot!

This community has been created as a means for us to express, share, learn and contribute to our knowledge of this incredible, dimorphic parrot. Please feel free to join and post entries relating to the Eclectus only as well as nutritional information and veterinary resources. We also welcome resources for toys, supplies such as carriers, lighting and cages that our Eclectus particularly enjoy. My goal is to bring us together to create an easily accessible and accurate information center where we can discuss all matters pertaining to sharing our lives with our Eclectus parrots.

This community is dedicated to Tori aka littlereddoll whose Light and Love has been the most incredible and cherished gift I have experienced in my whole life. I love you, Tori.

Basic Rules of the Eclectus Lovers Community

i. "Eclectus material" is any topic dealing with the Eclectus parrot along with items the Eclectus parrot might enjoy such as different toys or foods. Avian veterinarian information will always be allowed, regardless of parrot type.
ii. No spam or trolling will be tolerated. These posts will be deleted and banned.
iii. Respectful and civil debate is most welcome. Eclectic opinions, firm discussion and straightforward, logical posts are also welcome as long as they don't border on being disparaging, insulting or disrespectful. Please respond in ways you'd like to be responded to.
iv. When posting photographs, please post within these guidelines: 650 pixels wide @ 72dpi resolution. Please put any image after the first one behind an LJ CUT.
v. Advertisements, cross-posting, announcements, organization plugs are to be kept to Eclectus specific material only. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Please be respectful.
vi. It is *very important* that you add relevant TAGS to your entries. This will make it easier for members to seek information based on their topic of interest.
vii. Complaints and suggestions should be emailed to me directly at eclectus(dot)lovers@gmail(dot)com. While I don't particularly believe in ruling with an iron fist, I will address each issue accordingly. I reserve the right to update and add rules as issues and situations will undoubtedly call for them in the future.

Please visit our friends and a great resource for information on all other parrot species at parrot_lovers!
Please support our friends at Project Perry, Inc.-THE CENTRAL VIRGINIA PARROT SANCTUARY!
For help with relinquishing or adopting your parrot contact the kind folks at: Home Tweet Home

Reference Materials


The Association of Avian Veterinarians
Psittacosis in Birds
Psittacosis in Humans Q & A
PBFD & Vaccine
What is Giardiasis?
Bird mite or Mange Infections
Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease
Polyomavirus & Vaccine
Polyomavirus on Wiki


Red Light Therapy

Full Spectrum Lighting
Slant Fin GF-350 Germ-Free Warm Mist Humidifier
Standard Gram Scale

AviX Sunshine Factor

Nekton Bio Vitamins
Fact Sheet PDF: www.nekton.de/Gebrauchsanweisungen/NEK-BIO/ge-bi--e.pdf
Nekton Bio from the Nature Chest

Volkman's Featherglow 15 Minute Soak and Serve

L'Avian Bean Cuisine
Nutritional Information

Momma Bird Birdie Bread


***Please note: The Eclectus parrot is a Medium to Large sized parrot and requires ample room and space to move around inside their cage. The category of cages to be looking at are the bigger ends of the Medium line and all the Large lines of cages. Please do not put your parrot into a cage that is insufficient and intolerable as this will result in health problems, physical and psychological. When in doubt about cage sizes, please ask and we will assist!

Cages 4 Less
Cages, Stands, Carriers
Cages By Design
Playstands & Manzanita Trees
Avian Select Bird Carrier
Pak O Bird Carrier

Send Your Links to Your Favorite Places and I'll Gladly Post Them Here!