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30 July 2009 @ 11:29 am

When I birdie-sat for Treeko, the Eclectus in the middle of the photo, it was very interesting to observe the dynamics of the three birds together. Treeko is a very laid back, accepting, open bird. He doesn't mind being approached by other birds and loves all birds great and small. He's a very steady boy and he takes everything in slowly and with a very open mind. He took to me right away and would very much rely on me for comfort when he missed his mom. One thing I was pleasantly awed by was his size. There was a lot of bird to him! He weighed more than Kiwi and fully-feathered was quite the substantial parrot in size. He was a terrific eater and would try anything I put in front of him. (I wish Kiwi would do that.) After a few days, he learned the bends and rooms of the house and flew in and out and all around to get exercise (with Simon following close behind.) It was joyful madness. When he flies, there is a think flapping of large wings on the air, very formidable.

Kiwi was at first receptive to his presence, in fact I think he welcomed it. Last year, Kiwi met Treeko after he was rescued and he learned a lot of his phrases from him. The same lady that has Treeko rescued Kiwi then I took him in. I think seeing Treeko back again for an extended period of time brought back some good memories for Kiwi. After about a week though, I could tell Kiwi was a little put off by Treeko being snuggly and needy with me. He would often compete for my attention if he saw I was giving kisses to Treeko or holding him on my arm during the evenings. I made sure to let Kiwi know that Treeko was just visiting and it was not a permanent type of thing. He took it all very, very well.

Simon was enamoured with Treeko and would often sidle up to him and regurgitate until Treeko told him, "okay that's enough," with a growl. He was very affectionate toward him and would take off flying anytime Treeko flew to his own cage. He was sometimes overly zealous toward him and I had to separate them and give them separate times out of the cage. But overall, they did really well together. They loved having a shower together. They loved eating together. They didn't mind sharing any of their space with Treeko. Sometimes spats and brawls would arise and I'd need to intervene (mostly territorial issues) but these were few and far inbetween.

Although it was a crazy amount of work and super brain-rattling, I very much enjoyed it and loved having Beepers and Treeko over for a vacation. I'm sure they both gained a few grams while they were here getting the royal treatment.

Meanwhile, we were charmed by little Mr. Beepers whose voice is not unlike that of a serial killer with a cigarette addiction. He would love to fly over to our table and land on the sides of our plates and beg for our food. Not to mention, he ate anything in sight and preferred to have food twice as big as his head. What a doll. He had to go back, though, because Simon was very aggressive toward him and hated him. Simon does not get along with smaller birds at all and it would have been life-threatening for Beepers to stay with us with Simon around. We kept both birds very supervised and both had completely separate times out of their cages. It's interesting to note that Kiwi was in no way aggressive toward Beepers unless Beepers made to bother with Kiwi. He couldn't care less that he was there but also enjoyed the strange sounds that Beepers made. Treeko loves Beepers and made sure to visit him often to check on him and be assured he's okay. They both got time out together to hang out with each other. It was really amazing to see how much Treeko cared for his little buddy and the dynamic of the other birds toward him. I'm surprised at what a punk Simon is to smaller birds but what can ya do? Simon is who he is and that's what makes him such a precious bird.