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30 May 2009 @ 02:08 pm
Food-Sensitive Ekkies & Recipes for Them  

I'm interested in posting a sensitive Eclectus specific diet mash. I, myself, have been blessed with Eclectus that are not wheat and corn sensitive but I know many folks experience the struggle of maintaining a healthy, efficient diet for food-sensitive Ekkies.

Do any of you have suggestions or recipes that we can post and provide to those in need of speicific diets? I'd love to see what you have to offer and the advice you can give to people whose mash-making skills are not their number one talent. (I, myself, only recently dove into full-on mash-making versus relying solely on pre-prepared seed mixes and commercial diets for birds. I still like to use Volkman's or L'Avian Plus as a base for my mashes but I always slave over the stove to give additional nutrition via veggies, fibers and proteins. I find that the nutritional provision for Eclectus is one of the most challenging aspects of having them.) I think if we share some recipes for wet mashes as well as dry, trail mixes that would be really helpful to some people.