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25 March 2009 @ 01:42 pm
Toe Tapping and Wing Flipping  

Below is a good article about a common Eclecttus affliction called Toe-Tapping and Wing-Flipping. Most people who hve had some experience with this suggest that its main cause is an insufficient *or* overabundantly nutritious diet. In my personal experience a bacterial imbalance happened to be the greatest factor in in the cause of Toe-Tapping and Wing-Flipping. After visiting the Avian Veterinarian and administering some antibiotics (Bactrim/Baytril) the symptoms would disappear. There is an abundance of reasons why the Eclectus exhibits these symptoms and they can be difficult to pinpoint. What is important to realize most of all is that the Toe-Tapping and Wing-Flipping is very uncomfortable and exhausting for the Eclectus and should never be ignored or allowed to continue without the owner putting forth every effort to determine its cause. Toe-Tapping and Wing-Flipping is never a diagnosis and is always a symptom; one that could advance into a much more serious health condition.

"Aside from bright and interesting coloring and varying temperaments between males and females, the breed does have some nutritional requirements that should be noted before purchasing this type of bird. Toe tapping and wing flipping are fairly common in the Eclectus. Toe tapping is when the bird stands perfectly still as if resting but its front two toes simply tap, back and forth. The bird rarely has any control over this behavior and often times the bird will watch the toes tapping as if he has no idea how it is happening." CONTINUED

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